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From the desk of: Tilden Moschetti, Esq.

Calabasas, California

Dear fellow real estate professionals,

If you have been wondering if syndication (or crowdfunding) is something you should be pivoting your business towards...

But have been stuck not knowing where to even begin…

Then you've come to the right place.

It’s true, the information on the internet is not only sparse, but it’s also borderline illegal.

And while real estate syndication is a business model with the biggest upside I have ever seen...

Funding your deals the right way will make you an extremely

wealthy individual. And quickly.

(I've seen syndicators crush it with only one, two syndications per year.)

But funding your deals the wrong way will land you in trouble with the authorities and with the SEC.

It’s one of those businesses, where there are no second chances.

Either do it right or don’t do it at all.

That’s why I'm setting the record straight.

And giving you a complete, nothing-held-back guide to real estate syndication.

My name is Tilden Moschetti.

I am a commercial real estate broker and a real estate syndication attorney.

I've helped hundreds of syndicators (brand new, as well as established private equity funds) launch their syndications and generate the kind of income people can only dream about.

And while this might not be for everyone...

Because this is not some get-rich-quick scheme...

Those agents and developers who run their business as an investment firm instead of a commission-based business...

...and fund their deals with investors' money (that's syndication in a nutshell)...

Those real estate professionals find themselves among the wealthiest people in the real estate business.

Often, even wealthier than the property owners they used to help buy and sell real estate assets!

Syndication is hands-down the most profitable way to earn money with real estate.

  • It doesn't require you to put up your own money
  • It does give you control over the property... if the syndication is set up right
  • It enables you to earn money at the point of acquisition, disposition, and throughout the holding period
  • There are at least 7 ways to get paid in a syndicated deal
  • You could quickly increase your wealth through equity in the syndicated deal, so you instantly become an asset owner

I'm not the one to believe in luck…

But if I didn't come across that Golden Goose…

That ridiculously underpriced NNN medical building back in 2015… the idea of syndication would have never crossed my mind.

Looking back…

I realize that even as a real estate attorney and broker with ten years in practice back then…

I was locked into thinking that brokerage was the best way to earn money in real estate.

Boy was I wrong!

Like, over $250K per deal wrong.

To be honest, every deal I've syndicated for myself or helped my clients syndicate, brought in more than that in syndicator's income.

But I'll stick to the $250K number because that's what you could earn on the most run-of-the-mill mediocre deals.

The kind of deals you can find online in less than five minutes of search.

Which I think is quite a payday, don't you think?

So when my business partner knocked on my door and asked...

"Hey, do you think we can syndicate this deal?"

It became my launchpad for an ENTIRELY NEW way of doing real estate.

I've seen how agents, even Top Producers, try to create a turning point of this magnitude for themselves.

They look at their real estate income and think…

"How can I add more deals to the pipeline?"

"How can I hook bigger whales?"

"How can I get my phone to ring, instead of me doing all the calling?"

And while those are valid questions...

They are still solving problems within a business that can only earn you 2-3% on each transaction.

Okay, it could be up to 5% if you double-end the deal...

But on a dollar-for-dollar basis, that's still a very small amount of money.

Especially since you are selling assets worth MILLIONS.


You are still...

Dialing for dollars.

Babysitting the escrow.

Wrangling buyers.

Negotiating between two parties that can't seem to agree on the smallest details.

Keeping both sides of the transition in the chill mode.

And if someone tries to re-trade...

And the deal goes haywire...

It's as if those months of work never happened.

No deal = no paycheck.

The real problem is that you are working with the RIGHT ASSET,

but with a wrong business model

And once you see for yourself how the numbers stack up...

You'll be kicking yourself that all this time you've been selling yourself for a 3% commission,

while you COULD have been syndicating those same deals for a LOT more money.

When you syndicate your deals to investors...

You are leveraging your time and your skills

in a way that BUILDS wealth for the investors.

And while you're helping them...



  • It would get you off the deal-to-deal train (although you can keep riding that train as much as you choose to because brokerage and syndication go remarkably well together).

  • It would give you the security of recurring income (if you do structure the deal in a way that gives you equity).

  • It would give you the confidence that comes with being a business owner, instead of just a brokerage service provider.

  • It would put very nice sums of money into your bank account.

  • It would enable you to get high ROI on your time, so you could choose whether you want to be in the office, or escape for a week or two to the mountains.

These Are Just A Small Handful Of Our Client Success Stories...

WE DID IT! Thanks to you and your fantastic team!

L.R. & D.R.

Tilden truly is committed to his client's success. I always know he will go above and beyond for us just to watch us win!


I've run a real estate investment firm for 14 years and came to Tilden with two issues and we got a great result on both. I will definitely work with him again.


My experience was very informative and quite excellent!


Top gun! Tilden Moschetti and his associates are amazing! He was very responsive, creative, knowledgeable, thorough, and he persevered until the deal was closed successfully. It was quite comforting knowing Tilden was on my side fighting for me.


Tilden is a fantastic attorney with a wealth of knowledge and experience to offer his clients. I highly recommend him.


Tilden is amazing. His knowledge is only surpassed by his ability to communicate it to his clients.


Why Most First-Time Syndicators FAIL

After working with hundreds of syndicators from first-timers to private equity funds with billions of dollars under management...

I've had the unique opportunity to see what is and isn’t working when putting a syndicated deal together.

And I've observed three reasons why syndicators fail.

It's always either one of the following, or a combination of two or three:

  • They don't build a system for finding investors, so when the time comes to close the escrow... they can't fund the deal. Investors are smart. And just like you hate being constantly sold to... so do they. So thinking that you can just fire off one smartly-worded email and have investors eating off your hand will lead to a huge disappointment. You also can't just put up an article on LinkedIn and wait for the phone to start ringing. Investors don't like parting with their money, and they like it even less when it's a cold outreach by someone they've never even heard of before.

  • They don't show up like a pro. These aspiring syndicators assume they are dealing with an unsophisticated investor... when in reality, most investors are not only sharp, they are trained to spot a B.S. deal in under five seconds. So pitching investors the "4,000 unit apartment building in a rural town with the population of 57" simply won't fly. Add to it pitch decks that look like a 5-year-old created them and a laughable Private Placement Memorandum, swiped from some, and you've got a package that tells investors "KEEP OUT".

  • They listen to the fake gurus. It seems like a lot of these 'gurus' have a similar story, and it starts with "I knew nothing about real estate...". They proudly beat their chest while touting that they lost money on syndication in order to learn the 'right way'. WHAT??? Others went from a 9-5 job (not even in real estate), flipped some house, and then managed to do a syndication without getting caught by the SEC...but still nearly went bankrupt. Those are NOT experts. Those are people who WILL get caught next time because their lack of experience and knowledge WILL lead to a lawsuit. And once there's a lawsuit, SEC is not far behind.

The truth is that 'winging' a syndications is not a long-term plan.

Unless you just want to do it once.

And then spent the next 3 to 5 years worrying that a disgruntled investor would come looking for blood.

If you want to be a REAL syndicator, you'll need to follow a proven system.

A system that has produced REAL syndicators, with FULLY FUNDED deals.

And you need to be sure that whatever you tell your investors is legal.

Syndication is a heavily regulated industry, and you must follow the rules to a 'T', or else.

That Is Why I Created

Launching Syndications...

I wanted you to have access to information that is correct, legitimate,

and ACTIONABLE, so that you could start

putting together syndications within a very short period of time.

And not worry whether what you are doing is actually legal.

Plus, I wanted you to be seen by investors as the real deal.

Because if you can speak intelligently about syndications...

And if you can pitch a deal like a pro...

No one will be asking you for a 'resume' or for how many deals you've put together in the past.

For a smart investor...


And you can get access to this valuable information starting NOW.

Just by pressing the blue 'Yes! I want Launching Syndications!' button.

Once you've completed the purchase...

You'll have lifetime access to my Launching Syndications system.

Which is a complete set of video modules that cover everything you need to know

to start a successful syndication business.

I've made sure the information is easy to digest,

and also to easy to put into action.

So you could take any complex syndication and crush it with this step-by-step system.

I'll even give you checklists, so you'll always know what to do next.


And You'll Know Your Way Around A Syndication Like A Pro


This is your foundation.

The entire success of your syndication business will. will build on what's created in this step. From your entire business strategy to protecting yourself, your legacy, and your business.


This is where things will start moving forward fast.

You found the deal and it's in escrow...

"Now what???"

Do this right, and your investment will come together with a cherry on top.


Once the escrow is closed... And the property is owned by your investment firm...

It's time to get systems in place and make sure everything is going according to the plan.

Plus, you might be ready for your next deal!


The market has spoken, "It is time to sell."

This is when you'll need to make sure the sale goes without a hitch and everything is by the book. There are loose ends to tie and capital to return to investors. Once they have their final distributions... it's time to pitch them on your next deal!


Hands Down The Most Value You'll Ever See For $97!!!



Module 1: Welcome

Module 14: Investor Communications


Module 15: Asset Management

Module 2: Founder's Investment Theory

Module 16: Property Management

Module 3: Structuring Entities To Protect Yourself

Module 17: Distributions

Module 4: Finding Investors


Module 5: Finding Properties

Module 18: When Is It Time To Sell?

Module 6: Making Money With Fees & Equity

Module 19: Voting On Major Decisions

Module 7: Is It A Good Deal?

Module 20: Final Distributions


Module 21: Winding It Up

Module 8: Making Sense of the SEC Alphabet Soup


Module 9: The Private Placement Memorandum

Module 22: Putting it Together

Module 10: Operating & Subscription Agreements

Module 22: Getting it Done

Module 11: Marketing the Investment


Module 12: Getting Investors To Commit

Bonus: Real Deal Walkthrough

Module 13: Finishing The Acquisition

Bonus: Syndicating With Less Out Of Pocket

Launching Syndications is a program loaded with up-to-date, valuable information and covers the syndication process in its entirety.

Nothing was held back.

This is as comprehensive as it gets.

And you'll see me delivering every module.

So it's as if I'm doing one-on-one coaching with you.

Everything you ever wanted to know about syndication is in Launching Syndications.

Answers to question like...

  • How do I find investors?
  • What do I need to do to get an investor to sign up with me?
  • Should I form an LLC or a corporation?
  • Do my investors need to be accredited?
  • Who can I market to?
  • How do I market to investors?
  • Where do I find properties worth syndicating?
  • What kind of returns are investors looking for?
  • Which documents should I have to protect myself and my investors?
  • What must I do to show the investors that I know what I’m doing? In other words… Why would they trust me?
  • How do I get paid?
  • Can I double-end a syndicated deal?
  • What happens once the escrow is closed and the holding period starts?
  • and many more.


BONUS #1: Real Deal Walkthroughs

Look under the hood of actual, real-life syndication deals.

From how they are structured...

To how the numbers work...

To the detailed breakdowns of the syndicators' income.

This bonus alone is worth $5,000 because where else can you see

behind the scenes of actual syndications?

BONUS #2: Real Deal Walkthroughs



Yes, this is just a one-time, $97 payment and you get instant access to the

entire Launching Syndications training program!

30-Day Unconditional Guarantee

Yes, that's correct. We're so confident that our strategies work, that we're willing to put our money where our mouth is. If you aren't satisfied for any reason, just email us at within 30 days of the purchase, and we will refund you your money no questions asked. That's right. If you don't think that you got at least $97 in value from this program, we'll gladly refund you the money.


I am, as far as I know...

the only real estate syndication mentor who is:

  • A real estate syndication attorney. Every syndication coach out there is PROHIBITED from giving you ANY legal advice. And syndication is a highly regulated business. They'd just say, "ask a syndication attorney," which basically means they are saying, "ask someone EXACTLY like Tilden." Since I've dealt with every possible syndication scenario both as an attorney and as a syndicator, my clients are always relieved to work with an attorney who knows the challenges by being in the trenches and also can advise them on getting past those hurdles without losing time or money.

  • A General Counsel to private equity funds. This might not mean much to you right now, but once you are ready to scale your syndication business from a small investment firm and into the big league (be in a private equity fund, or a REIT), that's when you'll appreciate the fact that I've helped investment firms cross that threshold without a glitch. Because it's not just... "Do bigger deals." We are talking a lot more scrutiny from the SEC and a lot more at stake for everyone on the Board of Directors.

  • A private consultant to real estate syndicators who are doing deals right now. Some syndicators prefer a more hands-on route. For these syndicators, my best recommendation is the Altitude Syndication Coaching Mastermind. That's where my clients get access to me through group coaching sessions, as well as through private calls. Then there are syndicators-entrepreneurs, who place more value on time than on money. These syndicators want the done-for-them solutions and even though the price tag of that done-for-you syndication is steep ($150,000) it will get them to the big leagues faster. All they need to focus on is raising the funds. Because I understand the power of syndication to build one's wealth quickly, I help my clients find solutions that best suit their ultimate goals.

  • An active syndicator. I don't understand people who stop syndicating and start coaching. Why would you want to stop running a business with such substantial upside? Over the years I've built a reputation for myself in the industry and I see a continuation of that reputation as part of my legacy. So yes, I coach, but I also syndicate.


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