It doesn't pay ANYTHING to postpone your future...

By watching this webinar NOW, you'll be granting yourself access to information that made Billionaires. 

It's mind-boggling how real estate agents are expected to live on that small commission.

That commission they get occasionally and sporadically from each deal and to prospect for their next client constantly...
...while REITs and private equity funds enjoy EVERYTHING that true OWNERSHIP of real estate has to offer… 
...recurring income… equity…
...BUT without having to put up their own money...
...AND no chasing after clients! Clients are chasing THEM!
There are SEVEN, yes, SEVEN ways to get paid in a SYNDICATION! 

(I'll share them with you in this FREE webinar!)


And it's not like this 'discrepancy' in income is something new. 
This 'situation' has been going on for decades…
...with REITs' execs basting in fat bonus checks and dazzling media with their spotless white linen suits, million-dollar smiles…
...and learjets in the background.
And while real estate agents are being pushed into a corner by every aspect of their 'glamorous' career with no certainty in compensation…nothing squirreled away for the future... technology breathing down their necks... giving owners and buyers that mistaken idea of 'I don't even NEED an agent!"...

REITs are enjoying the freedom of choosing HOW to structure their paydays:
  • recycle the same clients (investors) into bigger, better deals…
  • enjoy the clout that comes with being the FOUNDER of an Investment Firm…
  • and never have to worry about what the future looks like… because the future is ALREADY in their pocket!
Not sure the word 'unfair' is strong enough in this case.

I'm not the one to believe in luck…

But if I didn't come across that Golden Goose…that ridiculously underpriced NNN medical building back in 2013…the idea of doing what REITs do wouldn't even have crossed my mind!

Looking back… I realize that even as a real estate attorney with ten years in practice back then… I misjudged what SYNDICATION could do for one's wealth. 

Why wouldn't I?!?

It was drilled into my brain the same way as yours: 

"Attorneys get paid by the hour… real estate agents get paid by the deal."

We are all STUCK!
And I would have kept at it… if that Golden Goose of a property didn't become the EPIC turning point…
...that made it loud and clear: 

There's the RIGHT and the WRONG way to do real estate!

The WRONG way you are very familiar with already.

...but the RIGHT way is when you TAP into the core of a real estate asset:

  • It's meant to bring a recurring income (rents!)
  • It's meant to grow in value (appreciation!)
  • It's an investment, so it must be managed as an investment.
...but you can only tap into all this goodness… if you CONTROL it.

And THAT'S the ultimate power of a SYNDICATION done right!


I've personally made over $250K on each syndication. 

My clients have made over $250K on each syndication. )

And these numbers are CONSERVATIVE.

It's like this:

Your services in brokerage are only worth 3% to the seller.

Your services in the INVESTMENT word… call it SYNDICATION... or CROWDFUNDING… are worth about $250K per deal to the investors.


That was EXACTLY my reaction!

Okay, so who am I?

My name is Tilden Moschetti. 

Eight years ago, I was a real estate attorney with ten years of real estate law under my belt when I finally 'gave in' to the temptation of making it BIG in commercial real estate. 

It seemed like a no-brainer at the time. 

Even though my law firm was doing fine, the grass just seemed exceedingly greener on the other side. After countless times of looking through my clients' closing statements and comparing my own fee agreement with the 'easy money' paid to the agents... I was in mental agony.

Okay, I won't be boring you with my 'woes' of charging $500 per hour - yes, it's a lot of money, but come on! Whatever I made didn't seem to come even close to the $$$ paydays that the agents were having!

I was really tired of the hourly game.

My wife and I had an 18 months old baby, and we were also expecting our second son…


I wanted to be there for them… not put in 80-hours a week… I didn't feel like a young pup anymore...

So I made the 'big' decision.

I became a commercial real estate broker!

Boy, was I excited in the beginning!

Here's the part that makes me cringe every time I tell the story. 

I thought I found the Holy Grail. 

After all, being a lawyer and a CCIM, I was wearing the big boy pants, and the deals on my desks were complex and serious and calling for an expertise of a 'closer'. 

Worth the mantel, so to speak. 

But here's what happened:

Despite all of my credentials, negotiation and underwriting skills, and all those extra courses in marketing, and technology, and client relations… 

...it took me 42 months to start making real money. 

In the meantime, I put my law practice on ice... 

...and focused on the brokerage because whenever I looked at my pipeline: 

The BIG WIN was always just around the corner!

I would come home, and my wife would look at me with those brown eyes filled with concern and tears, and I would tell her: "Honey, don't you worry, we are almost there!"... 

...but at night… I would feel my stomach turn with anxiety… 

because no matter how much I WANTED it to be true… 

it was ABSOLUTELY out of my hands! 

During those 42 months, I closed a lot of deals.


But they were big gulps of water in between many months of drought…

... which put a massive strain on my marriage.

It left me feeling as if the air was kicked out of my lungs. I was supposed to be a PROVIDER! I was supposed to be the MAN!
I was working harder than ever...  

I'd cut my sleep down to five hours...

Yet I was failing my family!

My personal horror story happened six months before I discovered SYNDICATION.

...but I didn't know back that the REAL solution was coming, so the 'news' was truly devastating.

My wife and I made plans.

We would fix our kitchen...prepay that year's taxes and take a nice vacation before our second son was born.

EVERYTHING was riding on that next deal closing on time.


That's all that was left on that escrow… 

Then BAM!  

One phone call… and suddenly I was $180,000 poorer. 

The fear and disappointment in my wife's eyes are hard to forget. We had to scramble all our plans...

At that moment, I knew that my brokerage 'experiment' had come to an end.

We'd been living on fumes. 

Despite the big paydays, there just wasn't enough security to keep gambling my time away, betting on deals that might or might not close.

I literally had my one foot out of the door... 

...making plans on how to resuscitate my law firm...
...when an opportunity came across my partner's desk.
He came knocking on my door:

"Look, this is an incredible deal! Do you think we can syndicate it?"

The rest was history.


It took us six months to close that deal.

Because despite all my knowledge in real estate, syndication became an extremely specialized, niched area that none of my prior experience applied to.

I went into it, thinking it would be a breeze, maybe a few visits to the Law Library tops, but boy, was I wrong!

The great news, though, was once I figured it out, it was the recipe for many more syndications to come.

At first, my team ran syndications for ourselves...

...then I started doing syndications for my law clients. 

The cash flow problem was gone because now every syndication I was part of was the source of both income and equity.

Fast forward eight years.

I have helped my partners and my clients make millions of dollars through syndication. 

My law firm is one of the very few firms in the country specializing in full-service syndication offerings specifically for real estate. 

I am a General Counsel to two private equity funds and a CEO of Altitude Syndication Founders' Club. 


Do you see why I call it my EPIC TURNING POINT?


It brought in an ENTIRELY NEW way of doing real estate!

I've seen how agents try to create that turning point for themselves…

They look at their business and think… "I must be doing it wrong...:"

They are so eager to take the blame for low returns that they start de-constructing what they've been doing...in search of that ONE BROKEN THING that, once fixed, will make their pipeline flow like the Amazon river.

Of course, there are a lot of 'experts' out there, selling just what agents' need':

"Fix your prospecting system… and you'll double your income!"

"Dominate your market with technology!"
"Have a growth mindset!"
…’Growth mindset’??? What the heck does it even mean?

You are trying to feed your family, not grow a brain!

Months of coaching and hundreds of late-night hours later…

Money gets diverted from an emergency fund and 'invested' into the business.

New scripts, CRM, and LinkedIn strategy…

...yet somehow the facts of business remain the same.

No matter how much agents put into their business, it's still the SAME business.

Same dialing for dollars in hopes of a listing (or wrangling buyers)...

And if everything goes well, babysitting the escrow...

Keeping both sides in chill mode…

...because if someone tries to re-trade, and the deal goes haywire…  

...the agent doesn't EAT!

It's sort of like polishing a wrecked car in the hopes of selling it for more money.

Or hoping that a good detailing would make it run faster.

I get it. No one wants to admit defeat.

And that's what it would feel like if you were to walk away from the ONE THING, you thought you would be great at. Wouldn't it?

So you try new tricks, pay for more mailers, hire a new tech whiz kid…

Still the SAME hand-holding, service-based business with a dwindling pipeline.

Some people get so desperate, they lose every caution and try the second route and buy into one of these ads:

"Buy apartments with zero money down!"


"Triple your income by flipping…"

You know how those promises end…

The ones who just lose their money are the lucky ones.

The ones who try to do something shady and get caught?


They better have their lawyer on a speed dial.

So I am here to shine a bright light on your situation.


It's NOT your skills or how good you are at time management, or CRM, or LinkedIn.


None of these things have anything to do with your capacity to earn REAL money…

Because REAL money does not come from working in the service industry. 

"But wait… service industry…? Isn't it like...waiters?"
"That can't be right! I work with one of the most valuable assets!"
Yes, you do… But in which capacity?


What's your point of influence? What can you control?

Can you influence how much you get paid on the deal?

"Nope, it's that pesky industry-wide 2-3% per side…"

Do you have control over your past clients? Are they coming back? 

"That's the hope..."

Can you rely on a steady flow of deals?   

"If only!"

Everything in the world of business follows one simple equation:


Is what you are offering PERCEIVED as rare, premium, and though-after?


If it's PERCEIVED as such, then...

"Sir/Ma'am, your jet is waiting on the tarmac!"

Offering the same services as the other thousands of agents in the area?

"Take your seat in the Economy class!"

Can you see how it's NOT you?

It's the PERCEPTION of the agent's value that's driving:

  • the 2-3% price point...
  • the attitude towards the agents...
  • how you are treated when you make that call.
It doesn't matter how brilliant you are at underwriting or if you bet a 1,000 in closing the deals.


Even those who 'dominate' are viewed as an expense line on the seller's closing statement:

"Gee… look how much I LOST by paying the agent!!!"
Suddenly they forget how much your expertise MADE them…

An agent told me his horror story, how one client demanded $3,000 a month in LoopNet ads!

That's in addition to:

the Platinum listing...

and professional photos...
and a drone video...
then, the client requested that the images be doctored to show off the landscaping (that wasn't even there)

... on a property that was class C at best…

THEN, when the property was finally in escrow, tried to extort a reduction in the agent's commission!

All of that, just to be resented by your clients for that itty-bitty 2-3% commission later?

And who wants to be resented for their life's work, anyway?

The absolute short end of the stick is that buyer, seller, agent only two ends up with a win out of the three sides involved. The buyer gets the asset. The seller gets the cash. The agent gets, you know. A small fee and a "Thank you for your services."

Being the absolute best in a service industry is senseless.

What would you be after? A bigger "Thank you?"

That's where the lynchpin lies.

All that hard work, and there's nothing to show for it.

Yes, you can feel proud for selling this piece of real estate or that.

You can even point those buildings out to your friends…
"I sold that!"
Heck, I have four PRIME buildings in Calabasas that I've brokered… but so what?

Despite the hard work, your business is just what you can hustle up.

Your assets? Whatever you manage to save in between the deals and taxes.

Retirement? Recurring income? Yeah, right, that's a good one!

The truth kind of hurts.  

The real estate market is built to serve those who own the equity.


Cash might be a king...until inflation takes a bite off it.  

But in real estate, the only king is EQUITY.  

Equity you can cash out. Equity you can borrow against. Equity is what earns that recurring income. Equity keeps growing while you sleep.

Do you get equity by doing brokerage?

"Of course not!"


"Because brokerage is not built to work that way?!"


Just like you can't expect a wrecked car to run faster by getting it detailed…

It doesn't matter how much better you get at being an agent. You can't change the way the game is played.

Sorry, the fact of life.

In the same way that operating a Zamboni machine won't make one a great ice skater…

And flying a commercial plane doesn't make one Richard Branson.

Being CLOSE to the properties with low CAP rates and upsides won't make you rich.

But OWNING that same property will make SOMEONE rich.

Why not YOU?

Okay, hear me out...

What if...

Instead of selling yourself short…
And being one in the army of many foot soldiers...
You could take what you know….
And your CRM…
And your LinkedIn… 

Heck, take everything. No need to waste what you've been working so hard to create!

...And give yourself a promotion. Both in the title and pay?

Because what might seem ordinary and unappreciated in brokerage…

Is rare and premium and though-after…

When sold to a different market!

Enter the world of investment real estate. 

  • Instead of costing sellers money… you could be MAKING money for investors…
  • Instead of chasing after clients, INVESTORS could be chasing you…
  • Instead of coordinating the transactions for others… you could be building a portfolio…

For YOUR firm!

How would you like to become a FOUNDER of an investment firm?

… and in case you are thinking, "There's no freaking way I could…"

Let me ask you this.

What do you think REITs and private equity fund managers know that YOU don't?


it's kind of embarrassing to tell you this…


They find a property. 

They underwrite it.

They sell it to investors. 

How hard is that?!?

The only thing they know that YOU DON'T is…

That THEIR skill is worth a lot of money to the investors.

And that SYNDICATION, when done RIGHT, is that ONE THING that makes the difference between 3% in fees and hundreds of thousands of dollars in income and equity.


That's just on one deal, in case you were wondering.

What if you had ten?

Every investment fund started with just ONE person asking him or herself a question: 

"How can I sell THIS property to investors?"

One syndication success leads to the other…

The next thing we know, the person is interviewed by Forbes, and the value of assets under their management is somewhere in the billions!

So who are these unique and though-after ducks that had the cojones to leave the 'road well traveled'?

Well, they are your ex-brokers…

small-time developers and flippers…
You read that right.

I've personally shaken hands with an ex-appraiser, who now manages a billion-dollar fund...and a small-time developer, whose empire is anything but small.

And, of course, countless real estate agents, who either syndicated a few properties (just because an amazing deal came across their desk) or are on their way to building a large-scale REIT (because why wouldn't they?)

No one pulled them aside and told them they've got 'the gift'...

Or gave them permission to act outside of the box. 

The one thing that is special about these people is that they accidentally stumbled upon: 


...then they figured out how to use it.


To help YOU navigate the path from agent to syndicator, I've recorded this FREE 55-minute webinar that will take you behind the scenes of a SYNDICATION business…


Here's what you will learn:

  • Five steps to take you from agent to syndicator. 
  • The shifts that MUST take place in your own mind BEFORE you speak to an investor.
  • Seven ways to get paid in a syndicated deal.
  • ​How to be the one who decides HOW, HOW MUCH, and WHEN to get paid.
  • ​The Million Dollar question that you should be asking every day.
  • ​How to get investors to tap into their social Wealth Circle.
  • ​What it's like to be a FOUNDER of an Investment Firm.
  • ​What it would take to build a track record as a syndicator.
  • The C.O.R.E.™ of a Syndication Company.
  • ​The 5-steps Syndication Sequence™ to turn your syndication firm into a self-lubricating machine.
  • ​What is Founder's Investment Theory™ is and how it's your Golden Ticket

I've recorded the "From Real Estate Agent to Syndicator" webinar, so you would finally have access to trusted, reliable information about Syndication. No gimmicks or exaggerations.


What I'm sharing on this webinar comes from my own experience, as well as the expertise of a cohort of real estate agents who have dared to try something new… and got everything they ever wanted in return.

If you were to delay watching this webinar…

I wouldn't recommend it.
For two reasons.

First, it doesn't pay ANYTHING to postpone your future. 

Everything on your to-do list is the same stuff that weeks, months, and years are made of...without any TURNING POINTS.

By watching this webinar NOW, you'll be granting yourself access to information that made Billionaires. Yes, that's Billionaires with a B.

I don't mean to be corny, but It's like FATE sending you a first First Class ticket to the 'TURNING POINT' destination.

Not taking it… would be like telling FATE, "I'll take the rain check!"

When do you think she'll come back knocking again?

The second reason is that I can't promise that the webinar will be up for too much longer.

I do it on purpose because the number of inquiries I get after agents watch the webinar tends to take over my entire life… which I can't allow because of my duty to my Law clients, to my Syndication Coaching Clients, to the private equity firms that I counsel...and, most importantly, to my family.

So I release this webinar once in a while…so the influx of inquiries is manageable.

I hope you forgive me for that… It's just I don't run a cookie-cutter business, so my time comes into consideration…

So the choice is really yours...

Watch the webinar and have all your burning questions answered…maybe TAKE that leap into the unknown...


Honestly, I don't even want to bring up the other choice…

because having been there… 

...even remembering what it was like doesn't bring me any satisfaction.

I'm done with the sleepless nights and with carrying a knot in my stomach.

I wish the same for you.

Watch the Webinar.

Take notes.

Try to watch on the computer screen instead of the phone… because some of the slides are more complex…

Like the one with the C.O.R.E., you definitely don't want to miss that one.

Jot down your questions so you don't forget which gaps in your knowledge require addressing.

I think the most staggering realization that real estate agents have when they do a SYNDICATION for the first time… is how much they ALREADY KNOW…

...but don't' be afraid to admit that there's something that you need help with.

It's better to ask than to get stuck.

So sign up for the webinar…


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